Revolutionizing how Congress conducts business.
More than a decade since its introduction to Congress, Partyline delivers cutting edge innovation and indispensable tools for managing the daily demands on America's highest-ranking leaders.

With unmatched capacity and extensive capabilities, Partyline is the only application trusted for decision support, relationship management, legislative operations, and internal communications by America's most influential legislators.
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See the full picture with a single system for legislation, events, strategic relationships, and communications.

Built for teams that don't have time to stop, Partyline's intuitive features deliver speed and agility when you need it most. With an experienced team dedicated to your successful transition, Partyline's Congressional subscribers typically go live within 10 days on average.
Designed for the legislature
and trusted for more than a decade.
Partyline was built for Congress, bringing together flexible tools and powerful information to revolutionize how the legislature conducts business.

A ubiquitous presence in the Capitol, Partyline provides elected leaders, committees, and member offices with proven software to manage Congress and accelerate its work.
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Legislative Management
Trust Partyline Platform as your first source to add context to your legislative priorities, projects, and research.
  • Legislative Tracking & Analytics
  • Bill Ideas & Amendment Proposals
  • Special Projects & Official Actions
  • Agency Relationships
  • Vote Analysis
  • Committee Activity & Performance
  • Vote Recommendation Distribution